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Zoledronic acid, also known as zoledronate, is a medication used to treat a number of bone diseases. These include osteoporosis, high blood calcium due to cancer, bone breakdown due to cancer, and Paget’s disease of bone. It is given by injection into a vein.Common side effects include fever, joint pain, high blood pressure, diarrhea, and feeling tired. Serious side effects may include kidney prob


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Martin says

"Avoid at all costs. Boots travel Insurance’s underwriters (the insurer Union Reiseversicherung) taking the risk will not honour the insurance contract when a claim is made. In 2017 I had an annual multi travel insurance policy which included North America and the Caribbean. I was covered for up to £5'000'000. After a very brief spell at the hospital in Los Angeles I inevitably utilised the insurance contract. As per the terms of the agreement I had paid the excess fee on discharge. Several months later I received an invoice for the treatment, it was in the region of $2500 which was being demanded from me from the hospital. It was then referred to the insurers to settle which their claims handlers (Travel Claims Facilities) said they would handle. Little while afterwards I was still being pursued for the monies from the hospital and now debt collections operating in Switzerland. After making the complaints and following the correct protocols of claims and complaints it was referred to the Financial Ombudsman Service. Yesterday the 7th September 2020 I was told by the Financial Ombudsman service that my complaint is being upheld (as per their original decision) and the medical bill and compensation is to be paid to me. Originally Boots travel insurance's underwriter Union Reiseversicherung had disputed the compensation but agreed to pay the medical costs. Yesterday The Financial Ombudsman service said the Insurer agreed the compensation but are point blank refusing to settle the medical costs which was contrary to their original reason for their dispute. The schedule of insurance cover is up to five million pounds, however the insurer refuses to pay $2500. Boots travel insurance is selling unscrupulous insurance and is to be avoided at all costs. Today 8th September 2020, I have been informed in writing by the debt collections team that Travel Claims Facilities and URV Union Reiseversicherung (Which is sold by Boots travel insurance) are globally know to medical practices – some hospitals will not bill them anymore and are demanding payment up front. This is dangerous and puts YOU the client at RISK !!! Imagine YOU needing 5 Million pounds worth of treatment and has to be paid up front because the insurer (Sold to you by Boots travel Insurance) is known for knocking medical practitioners and hospitals. There is evidence to suggest that the insurance sold by boots is unscrupulous. On the Financial ombudsman Service's website, more than 50 percent of the complaints against Union Reiseversicherung (That’s Boots travel insurance's underwriters if you have forgotten) have been upheld against them. The summer of 2017 was when the insurance was required and as of today 8th September 2020 the medical bill has still not been paid. This amount of time to settle a clients liabilities is ludicrous in the extreme. Travel Claims Facilities and URV's (Union Reiseversicherung) excuse was that the costs were too expensive and unreasonable. Boots travel insurance should not be selling financial products such as this."

Jessica Coote says

"I tried to purchase insurance for a holiday, but when trying to check out it just took the money out of my account (twice) and didn't actually issue me a policy. I called up and got directed to an email address, and went back and forth for several days but to no avail. I called again as I wanted my money back as I was not going on holiday anymore and was told I would be refunded for both, but I was then rung a few days later and left a voicemail to ask to call them back to arrange my policy. I would not recommend this company as I still do not have a refund and if I went on holiday I am sure I would not have a policy either."

Andrew Littlewood says

"Bought their top insurance, Platinum. Flying to Gran Canaria but 12 hours prior to flying FCO stated advised against it. My insurance from BOOTS clearly stated do not TRAVEL AGAINST FCO ADVISE. Well, I didn’t, put the claim in on my top of the range insurance to find the under writers would not assist. The underwriters are TIF GROUP based in West Malling Kent. What was I meant to do, fly and not get insured or do as advised by BOOTS as it states as such in their T&C’s. Poor service and I am out of pocket £30 because I put a claim in for my flights that I thought would pay out. Stay clear, paying more does not mean a better service especially from a reputable company like Boots. Also look at who the underwriter is, if you see TIF GROUP do some research on here. Sarah, don’t even bother replying to me, there is nothing you can say or do which will make me a happy customer."

Richard Greenwood says

"FCO advice changed 6 hours after purchase which invalidated it. Zero contact from Boots throughout."

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